Fortuna Canta - Fortune Obscure (Die Schicksalsballaden des Codex Chantilly) (CD) (5871819391129)

Fortuna Canta - Fortune Obscure (The Fate Ballads of Codex Chantilly) (CD)


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If you study the music of the late Middle Ages, you will almost inevitably come across works from the Codex Chantilly. This collection of over 100 pieces by a wide variety of composers is a magnificent example of the incredibly intricate polyphonic art of Ars Subtilior, which in its rhythmic complexity overshadows many works before and up to the 20th century. French kings and princes as well as the popes and anti-popes residing in Avignon were among those who commissioned these works.
It is certainly no coincidence that several CDs with music exclusively from the Codex Chantilly have been released in recent years. And it speaks for the extraordinary quality of the compositions that there are surprisingly few overlaps in the selection of works.
But even with the same titles, each ensemble has its own interpretation of the same musical text. And so Fortuna Canta would also like to contribute a personal interpretation of an excerpt from this unique handwriting and thus contribute to the understanding and enjoyment of this music, be it enigmatic, powerful, dazzling, lovable, desperate or lively.

01 Hey, tres doulz roussignol
02 O bonne, douce fringes
03 Se Geneive, Tristan
04 Plus ne put musique
05 Helas, je voy mon cuer
06 La harpe de mellodie
07 Passerose de beauté
08 Puis que je sui fumeux
09 Ung Lion say