Hauke Kranz - Die Tastenflüsterin - Beyond Boundaries (CD)

Hauke ​​Kranz - The Keyboard Whisperer - Beyond Boundaries (CD)


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"2020/21 were two very difficult years for me," says the pianist and composer Hauke ​​Kranz. The pandemic also affected the North German musician and it took a while before she could let go of the fear and frustration, breathe deeply - and find space for music in her life again. “Sounds suddenly emerged from the stillness within me.”
Kranz has an unusual musical journey behind her, which has now led her to her third album as a "keyboard whisperer". Since she was four years old, she was trained on the piano, later she studied music, took part in competitions, toured solo, with orchestras and chamber music groups for years. But it wasn't life that fulfilled her. "Because of the pressure to perform, the comparison with the competition and my own high expectations of myself, I lost myself at some point and was burned out," says Kranz. "I consciously said goodbye to being an artist." A difficult step, but it created new freedom. And during this time she finally rediscovered her love for piano music and began to compose herself - with a lot of feeling, without pressure. She defines her style as "poetic piano".
"Beyond Boundaries" is a logical continuation of the previous musical work of the "keyboard whisperer" from near Bremen - and after "A New Dawn" and "Open Skies" her third solo album. Her piano sounds are delicate, poetic, touching. Stylistically reminiscent of the romantic compositions of Robert Schumann or Fréderic Chopin, often also of film scores such as those by Ludovico Einaudi or Max Richter - but more modern, personal and emotional.
- The first album single, "Early Morning" (release: September 2nd, 2022) deals with the new beginning. Hauke ​​Kranz was inspired by the call of a blackbird in the early morning and conjured up a piece full of desire for departure, freshness and new strength.
- The title song "Beyond Boundaries" reflects her own experience: the feeling of finally being free to take off and fly, to be able to overcome all obstacles.
- A personal piece that is very close to the heart of the keyboard whisperer is also the warm "Remember", which will be released on September 30th as the second single. It is dedicated to Hauke ​​Kranz' deceased friend and sound engineer, a "loving memory of a wonderful person".
The keyboard whisperer is pursuing a mission with her work: her music should heal the soul and give courage, it is warm and meditative, it comes from the heart. But the impact of her compositions is only possible thanks to Kranz' great talent and her professional training. In the meantime, she has settled in well "between the chairs", she says - she doesn't really fit into the classical subject with her own compositions, but in light music one is more of a miracle animal with the solo piano.
But wonderful music is wonderful music beyond all genres and will always find its audience. This is already evident from the fact that many fans supported the album recordings through crowdfunding. And that, according to Hauke ​​Kranz, is exactly the idea behind "Beyond Boundaries": "Have the courage to follow your vision and go step by step - everything is possible!"

01 Early morning
02 Departure
03 Remember (for Friedrich)
04 Tenderness
05 Snow Drift
06 Stormy Days
07 Waves are coming in
08 Beyond Boundaries
09 footprints
10 Nights and Stars
11 spring tide
12 Ocean Voices