Mirror Strings - Dedication (CD) (5871828402329)

Mirror Strings - Dedication (CD)

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The big album by the Mirror Strings! Mirror Strings caused a sensation and astonishment with their brilliant EP “Holberg Unplugged”. Because the unusual instrumentation with two guitars and two cellos opens up fascinating new worlds of sound, especially when all the ensemble musicians are exquisite masters of their instruments.
With the album "Dedication" they have created a real work of art. Almost 70 minutes of music that is as unique as the Mirror Strings themselves. Composers from all over the world have written and dedicated works especially for the ensemble. A special selection of these can no longer only be heard live in concert, but can finally also be heard on CD. And that's really exciting: Because every composer has incorporated his/her culture, individual background and personality into his/her work. Consistently fascinating music without restrictive conventions - from minimal music, rock/pop to contemporary effects and Persian sounds.

01 Four Chords: I.Arp
02 Four Chords: II. Blur
03 Four Chords: III. sync
04 Sophia's Flight
05 Kijiji
06 Quartet 7
07 Simone
08 Hypnosis
09 wine music
10 Le Miroir Magique
11 Braadicardia