Trio 3D - Danke (CD)

Trio 3D - Thank you (CD)


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"Thank you" is the theme of the new CD by Trio 3D (Dörsam, Dörsam, Dörsam). Thanks go to the parents of the three Dörsam brothers. The recordings were made on request and in cooperation with her mother as a present for her 95th birthday.
The songs and chorales invite you to meditate, reflect and rest and are arranged in an incredibly diverse way. Each of the musicians has made pieces and designed them in his own way. The adaptations of the classical compositions represent a great challenge for the musicians and arrangers.
In harmony with their three instruments, the spiritual character must be preserved and at the same time something new must be created that fits the trio's composition of bassoon, clarinet and guitar. This requires a lot of concentration and musical sensitivity.
"I pray to the power of love" and "Caro mio ben" (Italian aria "Herzliebste mein") are the mother's favorite melodies. The CD begins with them. Mozart's "Laudate Dominum" with the singer Sabrina Keller is a special highlight. The ballad "Die Uhr" by Carl Loewe is a symbol of our hearts and shows the happy course of our lives. Michael Valentin made it very sensitive with his voice. Arrangements of classical compositions such as JS Bach's “Air”, Bach/Gounod's “Ave Maria” and Mozart's “Ave Maria” can also be heard. The crowning glory is the piece "Näfäsch" in which David Plüss plays the organ and Matthias Dörsam can be heard on the tenor saxophone.

01 I pray to the power of love
02 caro mio ben
03 Then take my hands
04 Ave Verum Corpus
05 Closer my God to you
06 Laudate Dominum
07 Wait my soul
08 air
09 Jesus my joy
10 Where shall I flee to
11 The clock (Comp. Carl Loewe
12 Hail Mary
13 Näfäsch