Ute Schleich - Colors of Minimal Music (CD) (5871826501785)

Ute Schleich - Colors of Minimal Music (CD)


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In November 2016 I was invited to Kassel for a concert at the International Minimal Music Festival. Also present were the dancer Alexander Peschko, the singing bowl musician Luna Martina Pracht and Henrik Forberg, who was responsible for the artistic lighting.
The idea for this CD came to me as a result of my intensive occupation with minimal music. »images« for recorder and singing bowls by Ulli Götte had already been composed, his »dialoge« for recorder and violoncello were added at the end of 2016 and I asked Jens Josef for a composition for recorder and bassoon - which took shape with his »Duettino« at the beginning of 2018. These three compositions are each characterized by a particularly distinctive, rare and enriching instrumentation, as well as by the close relationship to minimal music. I feel honored that all three compositions were dedicated to me. The program is supplemented by "classics" of minimal music such as Philip Glass, Michael Nyman and Louis Andriessen, by Karel van Steenhoven with two of his minimal preludes - they refer to Philip Glass and Michael Nyman - and by Frans Geysen with 2 Pieces from his collection »City of Smile« - all pieces for recorder solo.
Dealing with these works, commissioning compositions, selecting works, rehearsals with my colleagues and premieres kept me happily occupied for a long time. I am very pleased to now have a CD in my hands that documents this work.

01 Just A Song
02 Glass (For Philip Glass)
03 images: no. 1
04 images: no. 2
05 images: no. 3
06 images: no. 4
07 Arabesque in memory
08 Yamamoto Perpetual Motion No. 1
09 Yamamoto Perpetuo No. 2