Herr Müller und seine Gitarre - Auf Reisen (CD) (5871752052889)

Mr. Müller and his guitar - Traveling (CD)


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"Travelling" - That's the title of the new CD by the Kassel children's songwriter "Mr. Müller and his guitar". Funny songs about going on vacation in a mobile home, boys and girls meeting at the holiday disco, animal sounds on a farm, suitcases that are too small and the tricky set-up work for camping are cavorting in the luggage. Musically diverse, Mr. Müller invites you on a fun trip through the world of vacationing and presents highly entertaining things for the whole family.

01 Announcement When someone goes on a journey
02 When someone goes on a journey
03 Announcement The moving house
04 The moving house
05 Announcement skiing
06 skiing
07 Farm holidays announced
08 Holidays on the farm
09 Announcement tents
10 tents
11 Announcement Too small
12 Too small
13 Announcement The pantomime
14 The pantomime