Herr Müller und seine Gitarre - Die goldene Schallplatte (CD) (5871674196121)

Mr. Müller and his guitar - The golden record (CD)


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With "The Golden Record", Mr. Müller presents his second album with his guitar, which again provides plenty of fun and entertainment. In the usual acoustic cast, Herr Müller sings about disco fever and superheroes, about the fact that everything turns out very differently than you think, that things can sometimes go wrong and about rescuing a little foal. The fairy tale heroes of the Brothers Grimm also get a song and last but not least Hercules, who always watches over the beautiful city of Kassel. Ben, Jakob, Jona & Pepe provide the crowning glory of the CD by telling their favorite jokes - just great! All songs are pleasantly moderated, which is why the CD can be listened to with great fun and very easily by children. The CD contains a gold lyric book with all the lyrics and beautiful pictures.

01 Announcement (Sooo many millers)
02 Sooo many millers
03 Announcement (Not thinking)
04 Not thinking
05 Announcement (Laughter is healthy)
06 Laughter is healthy
07 Announcement (A Friend)
08 A friend
09 Announcement (Let's get the foal)
10 Let's get the foal
11 Announcement (Superheroes)
12 superheroes
13 Announcement (In the Fairy Tale Castle)
14 In the fairytale castle
15 Announcement (Hercules)
16 Hercules
17 Announcement (Disco Fever)
18 disco fever
19 Announcement (Different than you think)
20 Different than you think
21 Announcement (Hidden Track)
22 [Hidden Track]