Michael van Merwyk - Blue River Rising (CD)
Michael van Merwyk - Blue River Rising (CD)

Michael van Merwyk - Blue River Rising (CD)


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Michael van Merwyk has already made a name for himself in the European music scene and has played countless concerts and sessions across Europe. On the way he has already won several prizes, including being the first European act to take part in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis in 2013, where he came second. But his appearances in cafes, pubs, blues festivals or private parties are essentially all about the music and the people. The new album "Blue River Rising" will be released on October 15th.

“His new release 'Blue River Rising' has everything done right, exquisitely tasteful, well-crafted songs, with hot, superb instrumentation. All that in a generous set of songs, mostly written by van Merwyk. His harmonica partner Gerd Gorke plays along sensitively and elegantly, adding just the right touch to van Merwyk’s powerful and gritty merrymaking.“
– Frank Matheis Contributing writer to Living Blues magazine; Co-Author of ‘Sweet Bitter Blues – Washington DC’s Homemade Blues’ with Phil Wiggins; Publisher of thecountryblues.com

01 Blue River Rising
02 It Won’t Get Any Better
03 Keep Sinking
04 Strange Man
05 Circumstances
06 Blues Will Do Your Heart Good
07 Lonely Days
08 Heal My Wounds
09 I Ain’t Got No Home
10 I Don’t Want Your Millions, Mister
11 Bye Bye Blues
12 Dark And Dreary
13 Road Of Life
14 Travel On