Dirk Geil - Alien with a double-chin  (LP + Bonus CD) (5871780003993)

Dirk Geil - Alien with a double-chin (LP + Bonus CD)


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This LP is well worth it, as there are twelve modern rock 'n' roll smashes from the talented song composer Dirk Geil, also known as the host of the Bonn Stomp - the concert series for offbeat music in the former capital of the West. A newspaper wrote about the North German group Trio that their first record was brutal and perverse - the same could be said of Dirk Geil's debut. He produced all the songs on the album himself on the occasion of his 50th birthday and makes no secret of his musical influences such as rock'n'roll, country, garage rock and trio.
Twelve international hits that encourage you to sing along. Daring, shameless and mostly in German, applicable moral concepts are questioned and there are no linguistic ambiguities. The music is limited to the essentials and in this case that means the wild drumming of the Greek intensive drummer Ioanna Fenderson and guitars and more guitars - there is no trace of a bass.
Musically, some illustrious musicians are guests here. First and foremost is the German-Greek-British backing band "The Fendersons", which are also considered a reliable band by Jonah Gold & His Silver Apples (Off Label Records). Jancee Warnick from the well-known Pornick Casino (Gagarin Beat Records) can be heard on pedal steel guitar, Slim Oddball from the Oddballs Band (Alien Snatch, Sympathy For The Record Industry) plays on two songs after a long break, T-Man from the Juke Joint Pimps (Voodoo Rhythm Records) is loud, sheyk rAleph from Grombira (Tonzonen Records) shapes the space orgy "The Galactic Chin" with his electric saz and Elvis Pummel, who was believed to be lost, also makes an appearance on this album.
Everything was recorded live in a real recording studio and you can hear it. So it's worth buying a record again. Super deluxe heavyweight vinyl, lyric sheet and a CD awaits the purchaser, although the CD is not available for retail sale. There is no download code for the individual titles, and you don't need one - it's all about the sensual pleasures of a physical sound carrier. And the target group is also clearly defined: only for adults.

1. Dee Hair Decline
2. Go Fritz Go
3. Petra has Goat Peter
4. Speedy Chick
5. Dad Or Dead
7. Sabrina
8. Manchester pants
9. The pounder
10. Brand quality penis
11. Kalimera Greek Mama
12. The Galactic Chin