Jenny & The Steady-Go’s - Sweet Nothin’s (7“ Version) (7" Vinyl-Single) (5871685828761)

Jenny & The Steady-Go's - Sweet Nothin's (7" vinyl single)


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Should Rock'n'Roll really still be played in 2013? "Absolutely!" must be the answer if it sounds as authentic and fresh as it does on this record. Here no trend is squinted, but a stirring homage to the role models of one's own role models is presented.
Studio bells and whistles were consequently dispensed with and mainly recorded live with 2 room microphones. Nevertheless, or maybe because of that, each one sits where it belongs, tweaks the guitar like in the 50s and you're very close to front woman Jenny Thrill when she admits that they mess up these “Sweet Nothin's”.
Quickly flip the disc - here it goes rougher and with clean three chord work and a fabulous saxophone by Molly Duncan, who has already done it for Tom Petty and the Eurythmics. The dancing leg twitches and is ready for the all-nighter. It's clear that this single comes out for one crucial reason: love for music and for the roots.

01 Sweet Nothin's
02 Just A Walkin'