Laino & Broken Seeds - The Dust I Own (CD) (5871750545561)

Laino & Broken Seeds - The Dust I Own (CD)

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Laino & Broken Seeds is a project born in New York City in 2013 when an Italian man arrived at a crossroads in his life in a smoky blues bar on the Upper West Side. He returned to Italy with a notebook full of stories and turned them into songs on a resonator guitar, which he then brought to the people as a busker on the streets of Bologna.
“Born on the sidewalks of my city, this project is deeply rooted in the tradition of street music. I sing songs about everyday life, dreams and personal myths. In keeping with my musical roots (Delta Blues, Primitive American), I prefer to compose my pieces in a single open guitar tuning (Open G tuning) and try to illuminate the songs in a variety of ways. For me this is a kind of 'land' in which I sow mysterious seeds; sometimes they are mistreated by time, burn or break. And yet they grow fruit.”

01 Bo Weavil
02 Boogie Tale
03 Fate of a Gambler
04 Old Tape of Memories
05 The Dust I Own
06 On the Wood
07 What Once Was Dead
08 Can't Wake Myself Up
09 Payday