Laura St. Jude - I Can't Stop Loving You/Yours To Destroy (7" Vinyl-Single) (5871714467993)

Laura St. Jude - I Can't Stop Loving You/Yours To Destroy (7" vinyl single)


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Laura St. Jude (born April 2, 1992) is a singer, songwriter and musician from Glasgow, Scotland. Laura is a romantic realist. Digging the depths of melancholy without succumbing to the banalities of self-pity, she shows her listeners that amidst all the darkness there is always hope. Laura will soon be releasing a 7" with two A-sides on Off Label Records, recorded and mastered at Green Door Studios in Glasgow. It will feature "I Can't Stop Loving You" and "Yours to Destroy" , both written by Laura St. Jude Over the past two years Laura has toured extensively with the rock 'n roll band The Amazing Snakeheads in England and Europe, providing guest vocals, guitar and percussion, culminating in support shows for Jack White in Paris and London. Along with frontman Dale Barclay and her life partner, she co-wrote The Bullfighter, a b-side to the Amazing Snakeheads.The Bullfighter was released in 2014 on Domino Records.

01 I Can't Stop Loving You
02 Yours To Destroy