Mojo Juju & The Snake Oil Merchants - Anthology (CD) (5871713616025)

Mojo Juju & The Snake Oil Merchants - Anthology (CD)


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When Carlos Val & Jonas Grosch started working on the screenplay for “bestefreunde” and developed their main character Susi Q, they had two women in mind. On the one hand the actress and sister of Jonas Grosch Katharina Wackernagel, who should play Susi Q. and on the other hand the musician Mojo Juju, whose songs should give Susi Q's inner life a "voice". Above all, "Transient Being" and "My Home", both of which are very present in the film, tell a similar story to that of Susi Q.
The story of a woman who is at home everywhere - but only if she moves on quickly. "Oh no soon I'll be gone, oh I got to move on; I, I'm destined to be a shadow, a postcard, a kiss in the breeze; Cos I'm a transient being".

1. Transient being
2. Scat Song
3. My Home
4. Fisherman's Daughter
5. Feel It All
6. Dear Darlin'
7. Tonight
8. Theme From Znitzki
9. Dance With You
10. But I Do
11. Here Is The Sea
12. Catch Afire
13. Whistle In The Dark
14. God & The Devil
15. Sacred Heart of Mary