Callin Tommy - One Of The Gang (CD) (5871684747417)

Callin Tommy - One Of The Gang (CD)


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Accompany Callin Tommy's five musicians from Braunschweig on their journey through punk rock, ska and heavy metal. Sometimes hard, sometimes soft but always with a big portion of pepper in the ass, the songs are full of energy and passion.
Unobtrusive and yet dominant, the female vocals lay over the artfully arranged guitar choirs while fat basses and driving beats have a stimulating effect on the leg and neck muscles.
With charm and their direct and honest manner, the band wraps the audience around their fingers in no time and blows the sadness out of every face, no matter how sad. They jump around restlessly, tremble, sweat and play as if they've never done anything else. Callin Tommy have now captured the contagious intensity of their live shows on CD with their debut “One Of The Gang”.

01 Callin Tommy
02 She's a Bitch
03 Nightmare
04 King and Queen
05 Dia De Los Muertos
06 mine
07 I Cannot Promise
08 Gogogo
09 Evil Creatures
10 Endless Talk
11 Rise
12 Lost in Love