Callin Tommy - Sweet Toxin (CD) (5871739863193)

Callin Tommy - Sweet Toxin (CD)


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Callin Tommy are seven men who, under the flag of skapunk, pair rough rock with offbeats and brass section. With the Cuba Libre in hand, friends, love affairs and the small and big struggles of life are sung. The tasks are clearly divided: singer Inga takes care of the straight tones - the boys take care of the part that can still be bawled after ten beers and uninhibited fidgeting. The six guys master the mechanical instruments all the better, which is why all instruments, from guitar to trombone, lie confidently in their delicate manly hands. The rhythm section is classical: Szymmi on bass, André on guitar and Matze on drums. Since 2015, a three-piece wind section has been part of the band, whose faces may already be familiar to friends of the skapunk genre from other bands such as 'Loudog', 'Boxing Fox' and 'Jammin*Inc'. Chrischi plays trumpet, Christoph trombone and Andi saxophone.

01 Sweet Toxin
02 Xtra Life
03 Guideless
04 Good Mood
05 Alfred
06 Infected
07 heartbeat
08 one-shot
09 Shine
10 Under the Sun