Gelbes Haus - Krach im 3. Stock (CD) (5871751856281)

Yellow House - Noise on the 3rd floor (CD)


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On their third album, the five guys have audibly further developed their Atari rock. "Krach im 3. Stock" offers eleven new songs that leave no doubt as to what the boys love and what they don't! Loud rock and punk guitars, for example, and a certain penchant for electronic sounds.
The lyrics are sometimes personal, sometimes nostalgic and often jarring with the unvarnished description of the overdose of madness that one encounters on a daily basis. When there is a "noise on the 3rd floor" it is not just the neighbor who gets restless. The album is an energetic renovation of the house, which scares you off the sofa and forces you to sing along. "Tear down old walls!"

01 flowers
02 4-3-3
03 voice memo
04 Troy
05 clouds
06 Blue light
07 Alt+F4
08 City Guide
09 days without internet
10 youth center punk music
11 terrorism