Iggiland - s/t (CD)

Iggiland - s/t (CD)


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After Iggi, ex techno DJ and producer, joined the stoner rock band LINIE as a keyboardist and noise supplier, he rediscovered his passion for the guitar-heavy sound. After they broke up, he went down to his basement and just did his own thing.

Snotty guitars, technoid sound escapades and German lyrics cut from the black heart of the present formed the sound of Iggiland's second studio album. You won't find a good mood here. Rather, it draws a horrible picture of everyday life and runs through the areas of life that are commonly called normality. You can feel the musical affinity to punk and oi of the 80s, with a pinch of dark and new wave. Dark and angry, the album marches forward, leaving little untouched.

Features and name dropping were deliberately avoided because it's just annoying at the moment. Genre boundaries flow into each other and you get the impression that Iggiland just does what they like. Dirty riffs, electronic sounds far away from kitsch, crunchy drums, driving basses, paired with angry and complex German lyrics.
This album rips your rose-colored glasses off your head and takes you into the world of shadows.
A tour is already being planned if something can be planned at the moment.

01 Harmony
02 Normality
03 fear
04 Digital
05 Welcome
06 Ladder to Heaven
07 window
08 love
09 career
10 crosshead
11 Extravaganza