Liebe Frau Gesangsverein - Alles was glänzt (CD) (5871796551833)

Dear Mrs. Singing Club - Everything that glitters (CD)


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Almost two years after their strong debut "nacked", Liebe Frau Gesangsverein are coming up with their second album. Without repeating themselves, they build on what was already successful the first time: Energetic guitar sound with quite lyrical, but unfussy German lyrics. But this time they show themselves to be even more willing to experiment: from spoken words on soft sounds to brute punk rock songs with the distinctive driving drums, they have a lot to offer. Here and there almost epic-sounding pieces that don't allow for easy listening, but require a real examination of the album produced by Kurt Ebelhäuser. And that fits the overall concept! Because the gold nugget with the embedded hair and nails on the cover of "Everything that glitters" is like a memento mori or a memorial to superficiality.

01 Venus (The Woman in Music)
02 marks (anyway)
03 Thom (robot love)
04 Lisa (My Only Hope)
05 Rosa (We are the audience)
06 Alex (made easy)
07 Chris (Be So Free)
08 Manni (This and the second room)
09 Hardy (factual entry in your poetry album)
10 Viola (Something that glitters)