Plastic Mars - Up To Our Necks (CD) (6790476759193)

Plastic Mars - Up To Our Necks (CD)


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"Up To Our Necks" is an album with socially critical moments that reflect and denounce world events without raising the know-it-all and instructive index finger. It's much more about hope and the option to always be able to do better. The future is in our hands and we can only move forward with empathy and forgiveness. Love is stronger than hate, even when we're up to our necks in water.
36 minutes and 11 songs show with their positive mood that there is no time to sink into melancholy and instead invite you to sing along to melodic singalongs. Of course, carefree funpunk numbers shouldn't be missing either. With little musical twists and mischievous lyrics we want to put a little smile on your face.

01 rocket 158
02 Shout It Out
03 Drowned (In Application)
04 Coca Queen
05 Submissive Boy
06 I'm sorry
07 Shards
08 Are You Ready?
09 Prosperity above all else
10 In Our Own Hands
11 Taste Of Freedom