The Jeals - Rage Generation (CD) (6602459873433)

The Jeals - Rage Generation (CD)


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"Do you left-wing crackpots always have to discuss?! Just accept it!" But that's exactly what THE JEALS from Halle/Leipzig can't do! The five punk rockers constantly offend with their clear attitude and their critical, political texts. Your declaration of war on those who lack individuality and are almost too comfortable
bursting zeitgeist throw THE JEALS (usually...) off every stage they stand on.
The call to tear down borders and walls is not only found in their texts, but also in their music: The five serve
different musical influences, as if "The Donots" and "Three Days Grace" were rocking a show together. Intoxicating pop-punk singalongs are followed by fat post-grunge-inspired riffs that sweep you away.
In short: This aggressive and versatile sound of the quintet around front woman Leonie dominates the current album "Rage Generation" and is more than just a declaration of war! It's a way of life!

01 Fck Nzs
02 Rage generation
03 World's A Better Place 4 Me When I'm 04 Drunk
05 Masked Ball
06 The overnight bitch
07 Wake Up
08 resistance
09 Who are you?