Womuka - Stabile Saitenlage (CD) (5871793799321)

Womuka - Stable action (CD)


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The picturesque Münsterland – endless expanses. And right in the middle three young guys, armed with their guitars and angelic voices, have set themselves one goal: to make this dreary and gray world a better one. The living room musicians, short Womuka, aka. Jan, Christoph and Julian take you on a hot-blooded journey. Her drive: women, beer and seated pogo. This incendiary mixture of songwriting, punk and pop encourages laughter, head shaking and unrhythmic clapping. The topics of the self-deprecating lovers of upholstery are as diverse as life itself.
From anorexic sumo wrestlers to manta records to hated ex-girlfriends, there's something for every liver situation. Between rough acoustic guitar riffs and the pulsating beats of the cajon, the fresh lyrics may not always seem ethically correct or rhymed flawlessly, but they are honest through and through. The audience can get ready for a bubble bath of emotions with brains, hearts and humour. Even your grandma's living room becomes a festival stage in no time and Womuka becomes your new favorite band. The trio will release their debut album in autumn 2018 and take it into the country's living rooms on the subsequent tour.

01. Manta Plate
02. Announcement Great love
03. Great love
04. Charts
05. Announcement lean wrestler
06. Lean wrestler
07. Punk rock couple
08. Announcement Christmas market
09. Christmas market
10. Campfire guitarism