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Luka - February Soul (CD)


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In 2009, Lutz and Kati, the founders and heads of the band Luka, met each other by chance at a party where Kati was singing. Lutz, who heard her there, was so enthusiastic about her voice and her appearance that he immediately made plans to work with her. Just a few days later, the two wrote their first own songs.
In the summer of 2010 they toured Ibiza for 3 weeks. Inspired by the success of their musical journey, they wrote more titles and soon the two realized that a perfect realization needs a band. Grown from a duo to a seven-piece band, they went into the studio for the first time in 2011, followed by a second recording session in spring 2014.
Her debut album February Soul, published by Timezone, is now available. An album with 16 tracks, very personal lyrics and music that shows influences from both English pop music and contemporary soul. Lutz wrote the title song February Soul in memory of his uncle, who died far too early, with whom he spent Saturday evenings listening to music in his youth and to whom, as he says, he owes a lot. Thanks to his extensive record collection, he introduced him to the Hollies, the Rolling Stones, the Beatles and many other great musicians of the time. These early musical impressions audibly shape many of his songs to this day. With February Soul, probably the most personal text that Lutz has written so far, Luka processed the sad occasion into a song that nevertheless encourages and exudes positive energy in the chorus.
This contrast between melancholic lyrics and positive harmonies can also be found in the song Dear old man, with probably the most personal lyrics from Kati's pen. A song that gets under your skin lyrically and seems almost danceable in the refrain. All in all, February Soul is a very personal and mature album by a German newcomer band, with varied compositions, autobiographical texts, sometimes groovy, sometimes quiet and contemplative, interspersed with beautiful miniatures that invite you to think and dream.

01 Beyond All Words
02 This Will Be A Good Night
03 Familial Eyes
04 February Soul
05 Dear Old Man
06 Someone To Watch Over Me
07 The Way You Move
08 miniatures