Steve Baker

Few musicians can claim to have made their living from and with the harmonica for the past four decades. Even fewer have had such a formative influence on the development of their instrument, or played such a defining role in how it is now taught. Steve Baker’s work as a live and studio musician, groundbreaking author of instructional books, teacher and workshop instructor has inspired and influenced a generation of harmonica players in many different countries: He has been a consultant to harmonica manufacturer Hohner since 1987 and is regarded as one of the innovators of this instrument in Europe as well as one of its leading exponents worldwide.
Born and raised in London, Steve turned pro in 1975 and relocated to Hamburg shortly thereafter. Characterised by subtle, rhythmically accented phrasing, his unique sound draws on the blues harmonica tradition and combines it with elements from country, folk, funk, soul and jazz to create an exciting and individual fusion, with an emotional intensity which finds its way straight to the hearts of his listeners.