Dietrich Kittner - Kurzer Abriß der Demokratie oder Die Diktatur der extremen Mitte (DVD) (5965373636761)

Dietrich Kittner - A Brief Outline of Democracy or The Dictatorship of the Extreme Center (DVD)


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The Mainzer Allgemeine Zeitung recently lamented that "political provocateurs like Dietrich Kittner are no longer born today." - what for? The master still acts with sharp vision and bite. What this DVD proves. Satirical balance sheet of an era, that of the dull two-thirds government coalition. Kittner, whose favorite characters are still called Eulenspiegel and Schweijk, guarantees that such a situation does not have to lead to frustration and dead seriousness. Buckets of scorn and ridicule. Here it is. Popular wit can overthrow dictatorships, ridiculousness can crack coalitions. And when Kittner sings, it gets under your skin; when he (actually) mounts the war phrase mower, things get really spooky.
This DVD is not a well-balanced program recording for the entertainment range of our television stations, which is open to the bottom. More: a collage specially assembled for the medium. Studio productions, live performances, resorts to what is now frighteningly topical again, unfortunately and field recordings combine to form a consistently logical chain of evidence. Get the (bogus) saints and concrete heads (West) off their pedestals! Everything that TV doesn't dare to show.
Political cabaret - does that still exist? But hello - the walte Kittner!