Dietrich Kittner - Live 4 (2CD) (5948065710233)
Dietrich Kittner - Live 4 (2CD) (5948065710233)

Dietrich Kittner - Live 4 (2CD)


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An audio book of a special kind. To save time, Dietrich Kittner prefers to write official and official letters in such a way that he can easily recite them as satires in cabaret. What he proves with this double CD. It mainly contains a recording of Kittner's special program "Dear Dirty Pig!" at FAUST Hanover, where a flowery collection of his correspondence with ministers and chancellors, public prosecutors, association bureaucrats and federal presidents draws the audience to laughter.
It is always most beautiful when a big-headed overtone drinks the cocoa through which it is drawn by answering. On this CD, satirist Kittner enviously admits that the phrase "Dear bastard!" was not his own. True stories are the worst.
The more unbelievable, the truer! To be on the safe side, the artist sings his summary at the end. Laughs, songs and above all: blasphemous letters.

disk 1
01 Intentional
02 Early precariat
03 Intermezzo I: About trills & drums
04 Laughter officially forbidden
05 Intermezzo II: About begging & bombs
06 maneuver saved
07 Intermezzo III: About Baboons & Soldiers
08 economic aid
09 official poetry
10 And the General

disk 2
01 The book recycler
02 Intermezzo IV: About submissions & information
03 Asylum at the Minister of the Interior
04 Table fee for Obertanen
05 The conscience worm
06 The cash register and the computer
07 Dear bastard!
08 Conclusion: About the value-free
09 Bonus with very superscript