Klaus Kauroff - Immer 101% (CD) (5948063514777)

Klaus Kauroff - Always 101% (CD)


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Klaus Kauroff, the Garbsen steam hammer, the stateless man, the "egghead" ... During his time as a catcher there were many names for the Garbsener, who was notorious for being merciless. Kauroff won many tournaments and prizes, was both a fighter at the world's largest catch tournament in Hanover and at the legendary battles at Vienna's Heumarkt.
This is how Udo Lindenberg became aware of him and together with Otto Wanz they caught the “Dröhnland-Symphonie” live tour. Kauroff plays one of the leading roles in Lindenberg's feature film "Panic Times" and was also present as Lindenberg's bodyguard in 2003 at the celebrations for the fall of the Berlin Wall, among others with the then Chancellor Gerhard Schröder.
Now the 71-year-old has written down his life memories and recorded it as an audio book "Klaus Kauroff - Always 101%". The CD is enriched by three music titles, sung by the Garbsener Damphammer, with direct reference to Kauroff's life.

01 Sympathy for the devil
02 childhood at war
03 football or boxers
04 My friend Kyo
05 years of apprenticeship are not man's years
06 Like Bud Spencer
07 From now on: Panic times
08 Oh dear, two at KaDeWe
09 Young, Strong & Healthy
10 finals in the ring - a balance sheet
11 Such a theatre
12 This time as organizer
13 Lindi, Capt'n, Gangster, Money & Rock'n'Roll
14 Criminal Tango
15 tracks