Nesles - Arsenic (12 Vinyl-Album)

Nesles - Arsenic (12" vinyl album)


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One last album before the end of the world? Nesle's new album could be just that. After the organic and extravagant permafrost, Arsenic reveals with the festival another facet of its author, which includes a multitude of them - actor, hyperactive dandy-punk who feeds on both independent rock and literature, activist of a particular French-speaking scene , Evenings and Café Walden... By immersing ourselves in these multiple personalities, the album lifts the veil of an alien world that we consume while dancing. An experience that will captivate you. And from which no one comes out unscathed.

Under the influence of this unlikely potion, we lose our footing, we stumble. In a constantly fluctuating diversionary maneuver between shadow and twilight, arsenic then penetrates your veins with toxic sharpness. We greedily suck every drop of this luxury poison.

Produced again by Alain Cluzeau, Arsenic digs deeper into the furrow that permafrost has begun to carve. Exploring the nooks and crannies of rock or folk sounds that have washed up on electronic shores, Arsenic makes the choice not to choose. Between organic and digital. Between day and night. Between earth and sky. The contributions of Matt Swanson (Lambchop), Armelle Pioline (Superbravo) or a children's choir complete the subtle framework of a chiaroscuro sound structure.
In a final paradox, the album also reveals, beneath its dark atmospheres, an energy, a zest for life, a dynamism that springs from the heart of the ashes. Better than a poison. The ultimate antidote.

01 Pegase
02 Goudron
03 whimsy
04 Cassandre
05 Cyclamens

01 Fourure Apache
02 Incendie
03 Sonatina
04 Arsenic
05 Sulfur