Rozhinkes - Momente (CD) (5871705915545)

Rozhinke's Moments (CD)


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The Leipzig klezmer trio "Rozhinkes" has released its debut CD "Momente". After three intensive years of making music together and due to the high demand from the enthusiastic audience, a high-quality audio production is now available for the first time. "Rozhinkes" was created in the summer of 2011 from a concert project as part of the "9. Jewish Week" in Leipzig. Since then, "Rozhinkes" has stood for passionate and multi-faceted music making - thrilling and touching at the same time.
The musicians Antje Hoffmann (clarinet), Samuel Seifert (violin) and Tilmann Löser (piano) came to Klezmer music in different ways in addition to their basic classical training, e.g. B. by traveling abroad, or by personal contact with Giora Feidmann. In the meantime, "Rozhinkes" has established itself as a klezmer ensemble in Germany.
The listener can expect a varied and atmospheric journey through the wide world of klezmer music - music to listen to, to dance to, to celebrate, to think about - and all of it handmade, that is, arranged and composed by the artists themselves. They act as special guests the Leipzig singer Karolina Trybala and the bass player Friedemann Seifert.

01 Khosn Kale Mazl Tov
02 homecoming
03 Bb Minor Bulgar
04 Volver
05 Mazurka
06 Vos Vet Zayn
07 Shalom Aleichem
08 Doina
09 A Felicidade
10 Ani Ole L'Yerushalim
11 Bay Mir Bistu Sheyn
12 Alex, Nokh A Mol!
13 Chwalmy Pana
14 Rozhinkes With Almonds
15 Shikker WiLot