The fourteenth album of Olaf Sickmann has been inspired by several journeys along Irelands “Wild Atlantic Way” in County Clare in the last 5 years. Great people, fantastic music and a stunning landscape have made a deep impression that is reflected on The Coast Of County Clare. With this release, Olaf continues to pursue and develop his personal vision of contemporary Irish tin whistle music, using only a single tin whistle in D major. His enthusiasm and devotion to the instrument can be felt in every note, in each composition. His intensive study of Irish instrumental music, especially the session repertoire, and its myriad exponents, both famous and unknown can be heard in his music. On The Coast Of County Clare, Sickmann combines beautiful melodies and great technique with natural authenticity. Subtle variations and relaxed embellishments never disturb the flow of the melody.

Whilst Olaf chirps himself through 44 wonderful melodies, the Scottish musician Cameron Robson (Cantrip, Bellevue Rendezvous among others) accompanies him in an intensive, exciting and sensitive way on the cittern. This is a very old instrument that had been played in the Renaissance already and it can also be found in Celtic music. So a unique and at times nearly archaic and hypnotic sound is created. Cameron has been on tour in many European countries and in the States and has been part of the Irish/Scottish music scene in Edinburgh for more than 20 years. On stage the duo will play the

compositions of The Coast Of County Clare as well as some of Olaf's unique guitar compositions and some of Cameron's favourite songs.

I HAD A DREAM: As late as in his mid-twenties Olaf started playing the tin whistle and listening to Irish Traditional Music. Sparked by a female street musician in the city of Galway, Olaf knew immediately that he wanted to do this for the rest of his life. He said goodbye to the world and took on a part-time job that made it possible for him to study tin whistle and Irish Music with the goal of being able to work full time as a musician one day. A few years later in his late twenties he got into composing new Irish music for the tin whistle and guitar more and more. He wanted to find his own musical voice and is still continuing to do so. By now, his CD's have been reviewed in the renowned “Irish Music Magazine” and are listed in the “Irish Traditional Music Archive“ in Dublin. Many of his tin whistle and guitar compositions are played on the radio in Ireland and Germany. To give other people the opportunity to play Olaf’s music or get inspired by it, there is a music book on the CD The Coast Of County Clare with all melodies, simple guitar chords and background stories.