3 Dayz Whizkey - Black Water (CD) (5871688515737)

3 Dayz Whizkey - Black Water (CD)


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The "Rhythm and Blues Steam Locomotive" from Regensburg is back! Less than a year ago, 3 Dayz Whizkey released their debut album The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea.  (Timezone Records) and received instant airplay on many radio stations in Germany and abroad. Now the five blues rockers from Regensburg present their second album "Black Water". Produced once again by Big Tony, the band, which has been strengthened live since last year by vocalist Myles Tyler and guitarist Brad the Snake, has audibly evolved. Once again, rock and roll will be explored in its entirety. From blues rock to country to raw hard rock, this album is above all a sign that the band has grown through their numerous club gigs into a strong, unbeatable rock and roll entity. In order to create an extremely dynamic live feeling, the 15 songs were largely recorded live in the Munich Isar 1 Studios on proven vintage equipment and with a joy of playing that you not only hear but also feel.
The songs are again largely penned by TG Copperfield, who with Black Water pays homage to the sound of the southern states and tells rock and roll stories non-stop without taking himself too seriously. The fateful day in August last year when Tony, TG and Chris bumped into Myles and Brad in a Regensburg bar, went through two nights and have been an inseparable gang ever since, gave a tremendous boost to the recording and songwriting.

"In addition to Memphis, we now also have a rock and roll center, namely Regensburg" (Tom Glas, Bayern 3 Nightlife Classic Rock)

01 The gambler
02 All night long
03 Bad luck women
04 Rock and roll
05 Now that you're gone
06 The king
07 Black Rider
08 Make my day
09 Blues is king
10 Rattlesnake brake
11 No escape from the night
12 Mick Jagger
13 Devil woman
14 Love's gone bad
15 Got no time