3 Dayz Whizkey - Common Buzzard Blues (CD) (5871790489753)

3 Dayz Whizkey - Common Buzzard Blues (CD)


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It's finally here: the fourth album by the Regensburg southern blues rockers 3 Dayz Whizkey. A lot has happened since the last studio album "Steam" (2014). But the band has matured like a fine wine and now, like the buzzard on the cover, has everything firmly under control again. Supplemented by keys, the sound spectrum has been expanded and leads to rock rattling even harder, blues wailing even more and country sounding broad like a western film. The record almost never came into being. Dissatisfied with the first recordings more than two years ago, songwriter Copperfield scrapped everything and put it on hold. Half of the songs were rewritten, eventually leading up to the Common Buzzard Blues Session in November 2018.
A bird of prey circling the songwriting process at Copperfield Ranch gave the album its name. Sometimes it can be as simple as this: all the musicians in a room and hit the record button. Lengthy overdub sessions were deliberately avoided. Most of it was created in just three takes. Unusual and old-fashioned but resounding.

1. Back on the River
2.High & Dry
3. I'll get by
4. Stop
5. Last Minute Man
6. Highway Song
7. Railroad Track
8. Badboy
9. Jolene
10. Right time wrong place
11. Through the Smoke