3 Dayz Whizkey - Steam (CD) (5871707357337)

3 Dayz Whizkey - Steam (CD)


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After countless live gigs, no longer a rock'n'roll insider tip, 3 DAYZ WHIZKEY are now preparing to take the next big step on their third studio album in just three years. "STEAM" not only stands for the incredible pressure that this band creates musically, but above all for a lot of creative steam on the boiler. The Whizkey Train has never been so busy as it is on this album. Here blues, rock and country merge into a round and entertaining melange full of joy of playing, peppered with countless classic rock licks.
An absolute novelty: inspired by the sound of the early 70s, this album was recorded live together in one room; no headphones, no click track, no electronic gimmicks. Overdubs only where absolutely necessary. A logical step for a band that has been continuously “on the road” for three years. Only what works live and can be implemented on stage was allowed here. Influences ranging from Tom Petty to CCR to Deep Purple and Free on this disc, merge the Regensburger on "STEAM" to their very own style. A wonderfully timeless rock album with an addictive factor!

01 Amen Rock and Roll
02 Bonfire In The Night
03 The Long Road
04 The High Price Of Lovin' You
05 Water
06 White Line
07 One Way Street
08 Sunrise to Sunset
09 Modern hairstyle
10 Dominion Of Rats
11 changes
12 legs
13 Back To The Blues
14 More Of The Same
15 The Wave
16 Another Pay Goes By
17 Bloody River