4Glory - Back In Life (CD) (5871783379097)

4Glory - Back In Life (CD)


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The first studio album by the blues rock band from Waldsassen in Bavaria entitled "Back In Life" is in itself the best description of the five-piece band: passionate, honest rock songs written with passion and enthusiasm are their hallmark and the music is theirs Life. Their debut album "Back In Life" contains 13 songs that speak for themselves. Each song tells its own story - from riff-heavy blues-rock songs with snappy solos (Tastes Like Love & Don't Follow Me) to melodramatic ballads about life's obstacles with a strong, characteristic chorus (Black Flowers) is on the album to find everything. Of course, a classic blues song (Blues In The Rain) should not be missing.

1. Tastes Like Love
2. Too Much Traffic
3. Back In Life
4. Don't Follow Me
5. Black Flowers
6. Outlaw Life
7. No More Sunshine
8. Living For Rock'n'Roll
9. Ain't Looking Back
10. Tell Me If I'm Alive
11. Another chance
12. I'll Get Mad At You
13. Blues In The Rain