7ieben - Lupus und Lea (CD) (5906918310041)

7ieben - Lupus and Lea (CD)


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Lupus und Lea is a serious, sophisticated rock album in German. It tells a story of lonely souls in an interconnected world. About alcohol-tanned self-destruction behind perfectly styled Myspace scenes. Of love and of fear.
A true-to-life, authentic story. 7ieben set emotions to music, and that's not always a clean business: It needs dirty riffs as well as sparkling hooks, exuberant pathos as well as dry sarcasm. Complex rock in the language of poets and thinkers. No more and no less.

01 scream
02 One Woman Show
03 GMX
04 Sundays
05 Keep moving
06 Learning from the sun
07 Last resort
08 Delirious Tremens
09 Cuba Libre