A Choir Of Ghosts - An Ounce Of Gold (12" Vinyl-Album) (5906925224089)

A Choir Of Ghosts - An Ounce Of Gold (12" vinyl album)


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We must first make our way into the wilderness through the deep, dense Scandinavian forest before we encounter A Choir of Ghosts. There you can find him singing his energetic, modern and wistful folk songs. A Choir of Ghosts' musical foundation is this: A solid foundation of Kurt Cobain throwbacks layered with the water, sun and air of bands like The Tallest Man On Earth and the Hollow Coves, giving you a sense of varying shades of give nostalgia.

01 intro
02 Sinner In Rapture
03 Outside The Window
04 The Days Fade Quicker
05 An Ounce Of Gold

01 Southwest Of The Moon
02 Driving Home
03 The Water
04 Better Off Alone
05 Human
06 The Taste Of Smoke