Acht Straßen - Feier Deine Einsamkeit (CD) (5871722954905)

Eight Streets - Celebrate Your Loneliness (CD)


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Berit Emma Ott walks the streets of loneliness. With great pleasure, because at the end of every street a new one begins. After releasing two albums on Silverspoon Records with her former band Sender Frei Rakete, she is now releasing her first solo album with her new band Acht Strasse - Feier Deine Einlonez. This album is a small, poetic piece of magic. The ironic, ambiguous lyrics by Berit Emma Ott make every song exciting and narratively valuable. "Your ambiguities cannot be surpassed in terms of clarity." (Die Zeit)
Eight streets deliver a fine, hung independent sound that can easily fit into the sound worlds of Element of Crime and Tom Waits. Both acoustic and steel guitar combine text and music excellently and create a longing singer-songwriter feeling. Live, a cello opens heart and soul. The piano and a warm Fender Rhodes underscore the colors of the ballads. Drums create a velvety, smoky, sandy sound.
It's the moments of small failures that she interprets with clever comedy. The drama of everyday life and the small casual tragedies inspire the singer. She finds them on the streets of Berlin, in the lives of her friends, at the crossroads of our lives. Berit Emma Ott learned to celebrate her loneliness. She prefers to write her lyrics in the dark of the evening, alone at the piano. "While the others went to the clubs, my son slept in the room next door and I quietly wrote my songs." Her insight: ultra-happiness exists, but only five hours in 75 human years ("I pretend").

01 I pretend
02 things you do
03 day
04 Disguised as a human
05 Our strength
06 Cowgirls
07 Gunslinger
08 I don't belong to anyone
09 Song about social envy
10 stars