Adax Dörsam - Luna lacht (CD)

Adax Dörsam - Luna laughs (CD)


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Adax Dörsam is a guitar nerd who knows all the musical tricks and has a big heart for enchanting melodic instrumentals and moods from emotionally romantic to humorously mischievous. He has already demonstrated his musical skills with Rolf Zuckowski, Lou Bega, Johnny Logan, Ken Hensley, Pe Werner, Tony Marshall, Xavier Naidoo, JOANA and Lydie Auvray. With an extraordinary range of instruments, this album creates an enormous range: the most spectacular is probably the harp cistern “Das Monster”. This instrument has only existed three times so far, it was developed in 2010 by Christian Jablonski, who lives in Bad Goisern/Austria, and combines a cittern with a small harp. An intriguing sound, heard on 08/09/15. Then the historic "Saturn 63" by Hopf, an electric guitar that shows a soft, beautiful, very unique sound on the title song "Luna lacht". And the classic "Wollf" guitar with a deep warm sound 01/07/14. But it can also be different:
"Anna Panama" & "Easy Joyride" are fueled by her with Latin temperament!
The South American armadillo guitar charango on "Charango Peanuts" and the theorbo on "For Nick Drake" add exotic touches. Adax Dörsam composed “Earth From The Universe” for pics & movies of the astronaut André Kuipers, recorded on the International Space Station ISS. World premiere: May 25, 2022 as part of a lecture by Lothar Kurtze as part of the EU Erasmus project "CliC-PoLiT" in Cascais (near Lisbon) /Portugal on the subject of light pollution. "Luna laughs" "Greenland Melody" & "Earth From The Universe" are parts of a MultiMedia Show by "TerraVisaMusica".
As guests, Wolfy Ziegler refines "Luna lacht" on fretless bass, Matthias Dörsam with clarinet and bass clarinet "Easy Joyride" & "Charango Peanuts",
Klaus Berger on drums "Greenland Melody" & "Earth From The Universe".
Dörsam is audible! Have fun with the tones!

01 Lilith In Yerevan
02 Waltz For Anna
03 The Whistler
04 Luna is laughing
05 Fly Albatross Fly
06 For Nick Drake
07 owl rogue
08 Where should I flee to
09 Greenland Melody
10 Anna Panama
11 Easy joyride
12 Charango Peanuts
13 Flax country
14 October storm
15 Earth From The Universe