Agentpunch - Investigation (CD) (5871748350105)

Agent Punch - Investigation (CD)


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Agentpunch is a heavy metal band from Osnabrück. Agentpunch was founded in 2016 to play authentic, handmade music. Agentpunch combine different influences from the rock and metal genres: starting somewhere between Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin, mediated by Iron Maiden and Saxon, the band's style finally rounds off with a concentrated portion of Motörhead.

01 Stranger Demon
02 Hunting Souls
03 Revolution
04 systems
05 Marching East
06 Thunderbolt
07 Pulling the Beast
08 In The Wind
09 Do You Wanna Know?
10 investigation
11 Punished
12 Judgment Day
13 Falling Down