Agentpunch - Soothsayer (CD) (5871804121241)

Agent Punch - Soothsayer (CD)


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Agentpunch is a heavy metal band from Osnabrück. It was founded in 2016 by Alexander Mohrlang (vocals), Roman Felde (guitar), Juri Felde (bass) and Tomasz Kosma (drums). The musicians are stylistically most rooted in classic metal. However, their music does not lend itself to being pigeonholed. Without losing their face, their character, they play their way through the history of rock and metal, always keeping in mind what makes them feel the most in the moment; whatever is relevant to them at the moment - it doesn't matter whether it's punk, hard or prog rock elements, speed or trash metal nuances. Agentpunch doesn't reinvent the wheel, but it doesn't just rebuild it either. So if you expect a special obsession with style from this band, you will surely be disappointed. On the other hand, if you like good, fresh Heavy Metal and don't shy away from one or the other surprise, you will learn to love this band.

"... classic metal, somewhere between Priest, Saxon and Motörhead." (Matthias Mader, Rock Hard)

"Heavy rock with lots of balls." (

01 Rampage
02 Stalkers
03 Cleopatra
04 Grace For The Innocent
05 Soothsayer
06 Mountain High
07 Blood On The Wall
08 River Turns Black
09 Rhythm Of Abidance
10 Rocket To The Moon