Akampita Steiner - Irgendwann oder jetzt (CD) (6647597826201)

Akampita Steiner - Sometime or Now (CD)


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Seen from the moon, our earth appears as a blue marble. The sight of them touches hearts and minds and shows us how precious our planet is. What are we doing here on it, when we are really very small, threatened by permanent overestimation of ourselves?
"Sometime or now" - a CD with subtle compositions and lyrics on the subject of the earth and how we spend our time on it - as lovers, as belligerents, as lies, as seekers of truth - the musician and poet Akampita Steiner reveals to us.
Minimal music, chanson, folklore, the Orient are the elements from which the classical guitarist with a dark, velvety chanson voice weaves her impressive evenings. Her lyrics are a mixture of immediacy and accurate observations that expose human activity. The addition of exotic instruments leads the listener into an enchanted forest of music-poetic worlds.

01 The blue marble
02 The meaning of the words
03 man in the moon
04 The other country
05 Eventually
06 Of headscarves and aprons
07 Over the rainbow and back
08 Lightbringer
09 face in the clouds
10 eyelash flaps