Akampita Steiner - Liebe bewahren (CD) (5871732588697)

Akampita Steiner - Keep Love (CD)


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Minimalist sound structures with a classical background meet a dark, velvety chanson voice with old folkloric echoes. Different cultures resonate with exotic instruments. It is sung in German, Catalan, Hebrew, French and in a kind of original language that merges into vowel-rich overtone singing.
Akampita Steiner's compositions and arrangements touch and hypnotize the listener and lead him to himself. Poetry settings by Else Lasker-Schüler and an excerpt from Chief Seattle's famous speech make the most important part of this CD lyrically and musically audible: love.

“This CD cannot be put into words. You have to hear her and experience the musician.” (Thomas B. Schumann, Edition Memoria)

01 Chant du Canigou
02 Shalom
03 Rossignol
04 reconciliation
05 Simi jadech
06 En Mer
07 When the wind wished to become a sound
08 port du vent
09 Omnia
10 My dance song
11 Overture
12 From far