Akampita Steiner - Shalom - Frieden (CD) (5871730819225)

Akampita Steiner - Shalom/Peace (CD)


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Akampita Steiner, trained actress - studied theatre, film and television in Bochum -, musician and biodynamic body psychotherapist lives in the Weserbergland and Ostwestfalen-Lippe and works as a freelance musician, poet and performance artist. Through diversity, charm and a lot of musical feeling, the exceptional artist succeeds in putting a smile on the audience's lips and taking them into exotic, mystical worlds of sound.

01 Dans la montagne
02 Los bilbilicos
03 Shalom
04 Koldodi
05 The insight
06 I am a pilgrim
07 When the wind wished to become a sound
08 May quote
09 Two Flute Song
10 Como pods
11 The Flight of the Falcon
12 peace
13 Adyton
14 song for the earth