Aladdin Haddad - Roots. A Journey through time (CD) (5964929106073)

Aladdin Haddad-Roots. A Journey Through Time (CD)

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When classically trained guitarists record their debut album, well-known works by famous composers such as Tarrega, Granados, Albeniz, Torroba, Bach or Villa-Lobos are often on the program.
The young concert guitarist Aladdin Haddad, who comes from Syria and now lives in Bremen, chooses a completely different path. On "Roots" he presents fresh, unused sounds that express the essential and move stylistically between flamenco and crossover. He interprets pieces by flamenco guitarists Gerardo Núñez, Gallardo Del Rey or Vicente Amigo with great sensitivity and technical sophistication.
He also dares to include Stanley Myers' sentimental Cavatine and Thomas Fellow's technically and musically challenging pieces in this extraordinary compilation. He not only proves courage and artistic independence, but also shows an impressive range of expressive skills and his guitaristic class.

1. Fancy Dance No. 1
2. Fancy Dance No. 2
3. Fancy Dance No. 3
4. Fancy Dance No. 4
5. Medusa
6. Rumination No. 1
7. Cavatina
8. Ventanas Al Alma
9. Paso Double
10. Tanguillo
11. Soleá por Bulerías
12. Rosales