Alex Cordts Allstar Bigband - BBQ-Edition (CD)

Alex Cordt's Allstar Bigband - BBQ Edition (CD)


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Growing up in Friesland in northern Germany, between the tides, the cry of seagulls, and a friendly "MOIN" morning, noon and evening, Alex Cordts moved to Enschede (NL) where he studied jazz saxophones and composing/arranging. His musical experience ranges from classical to heavy metal, where he feels most comfortable in modern jazz.
The project "Alex Cordts Allstar BigBand" consists of musicians from Amsterdam to Berlin, with whom he has played on various stages throughout Germany. These are exclusively original compositions that are difficult to pigeonhole in a "genre".

01 Surf & Turf
02 Game Day BBQ
03 Mac'n Cheese
04 Hot Wings
05 Tri Tip Intro
06 tri-tip