Alex Kappler - Move On (CD) (5871710011545)

Alex Kappler - Move On (CD)


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Alex Kappler's musical career began on the Internet. If you enter your name in the search mask on the "Youtube" Internet platform, you will hear soulful and authentic new interpretations of well-known songs. As soon as you hear their music for the first time, the fragility of the entire work appears as their greatest strength. Powerful, self-confident and yet tender, she sings her way into the listener's head.
After changing schools, the current student began to compose her own songs, mainly to prove to herself and everyone else that she can make her biggest dream come true. The result was the album "Move On", which was worked on for a whole year. A big help was Alex Gruber, who comes from Bavaria and conjured up great songs from the singer's lyrics and basic melodies. The record was recorded and produced in the "Recording Hill Studio" in Schönsee.
Nine songs of various genres, from calm to groovy, from ballads to rock songs - that's "Move On".

01 Move On
02 Wonder
03 That Last Song (feat. Alex Gruber)
04 I Want You Back (Jackson 5 cover)
05 Self Hatred
06 I'll Be
07 Fields Of Gold
08 Until Forever Dies
09 Miles Away