Alex Panter - Some Time Now (CD) (5871785672857)

Alex Panter - Some Time Now (CD)


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Alex Panter is the musical alter ego of the Oberberg Highland breeder Axel Potthoff. In his music, the singer-songwriter uses influences from Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones, Lou Reed and Joe Strummer to create a completely unique sound that is rooted in a wide variety of music genres. His new album “Some Time Now” sounds correspondingly diverse. Recorded in part with wind instruments and strings in the living room at home, rhythm & blues, rock, soul, jazz and folk numbers come together here to form a striking, powerful whole, which gets its stamp from the complex English-language lyrics and the expressive vocals . Themes of the album include the populist zeitgeist of these days in the swinging "Something's Really Wrong With My Baby", a historical taxi night shift in the moody scuttle "Independence, Low Budget And Me" and the experience of loss in the solemn "Let It Rain”.
Alex is supported by a band with experienced multi-instrumentalists: the Westerwald-based Salossi (Zydeco Annie And The Swampcats, Matt Robb), - meanwhile replaced by the Düsseldorf guitarist and keyboarder Fabio Nettekoven (Judy Spellmann And The Phavior Adelic, Richard Bargel) - , has recorded lead guitar, blues harp, fiddle, viola and bass on "Some Time Now". The two Scots, who live in Remagen and Bonn, Pete Coutts (Northern Sky, Ballad Of Crows) and Steve Crawford (Le Clou, Ballad Of Crows, Northern Sky) took over bass, keyboards, lead and rhythm guitar, mandolin and banjo as well as drums, percussions and acoustic guitar. There is also the Cologne singer Astrid Foerst, who complements the polyphonic singing and can be heard in a duet with Alex in the Latin ballad "All Over Again". As guest musicians, the two Oberbergers Pascal Reinhardt and Sebastian Zink contribute trumpet and trombone in the title track of the album and in the hypnotic "A Brighter Day". In addition to the pieces from "Some Time Now", the current live set offers one or two previously unreleased numbers as well as some tracks from the debut album "Sunday Sessions Club" released in 2013, including "Private Radio", which was played on WDR 2 became.

01 Poor Man' Copyright
02 Much Water, No Time
03 Chuck Smiles
04 Independence, Low Budget And Me
05 Something's Really Wrong With My Baby
06 A Brighter Day
07 Personal backup
08 Let It Rain
09 Broken Dreams
10 Sometime Now
11 All Over Again