Alexander Hopff - Solo Piano (CD) (5871806742681)

Alexander Hopff - Solo Piano (CD)


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In his new solo album, the pianist Alexander Hopff, who lives in Hamburg, combines pure jazz piano with strong influences from classical music/film music/world music and chanson: all musical areas in which Hopff has been working and creating for over 30 years.
The present 28 compositions were created between 1985 and 2010 and set encounters to music, so to speak: encounters with people, metropolises, landscapes - but also moods. These moods can be cheerful, exuberant, improvisational, but also elegiac, dark, melancholic. Sometimes fleetingly sketchy, then concretely defined again.
For Alexander Hopff, the piano, the "pianoforte" with its limitless nuances is the ideal medium for expressing all these moods and tones. In keeping with the motto of the composer and pianist Franz Liszt: "The piano has the ability to absorb everyone's life..."

01 Suddenly
02 African Fight Song
03 Little Fragment
04 Social workers
05 Major Hilli
06 Like Chinese
07 Blue And Beautiful
08 Love Boat
09 Sogetto Cavatto Di Britta
10 Moon Over Hagenbeck
11 Uli's Blues
12 After The Rain
13 Io's song (Yellow Bird)
14 Crazyvonne