Ali Claudi & Martin Janneck together with Dias Karimov & Gabriele Janneck - Time For Clouds & Sweet Babies (CD) (5871803629721)

Ali Claudi & Martin Janneck together with Dias Karimov & Gabriele Janneck - Time For Clouds & Sweet Babies (CD)


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Guitar legend Ali Claudi has recorded a very special new album with an excellent cast: "Time for Clouds & Sweet Babies". He and his guitar colleague Martin Janneck take the listener on a wonderful musical dream journey full of surprises, great melodies and seductive sounds. Also present are Dias Karimov with piano, keyboard and bass keys and Gabriele Janneck with her baroque lute.
Ali Claudi is one of the pioneers of the electric guitar in Germany and has gone through all styles - from blues and jazz to funk and soul to psychedelic rock. He has always been interested in all kinds of music. The fact that he and Martin Janneck have a baroque lute on their blues and swing album has nothing to do with crossover. "We just like beautiful instruments," say the two.
Ali and Martin complement each other perfectly. Each of the two has their own language on the guitar - one virtuoso and beautifully sparkling, the other singing wonderfully. With Dias and Gabriele, the two have found ideal musical partners for their album. Keyboard magician Dias plays an incredible bass and always has the right keyboard instrument for the right timbre. With her 24-string baroque lute, Gabriele has a kind of miniature orchestra from which she can coax everything she needs – for a ballad as well as for a heavy, fast blues. Ali and Martin play in a trio with Gabriele, in a trio with Dias and in a quartet with both of them. Ali is also enthusiastic as a singer. Ali and Martin, together with their two partners, gain completely new sides from the pieces – mostly written by themselves.

01 Stack O'Lee
02 AC Ville
03 Gabrielle's tune
04 Absolutely amazing
05 Like A Dream
06 Round Noon
07 Like Moving Clouds
08 Sweet Baby James
09 Lullaby
10 I Don't Like You No More
11 My One And Only Love
12 Konrad's tune
13 times