Alireza Afkari - Roots (CD) (5871766765721)

Alireza Afkari - Roots (CD)


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Alireza Afkari was born in Iran in 1977. He is one of the most important and influential musicologists since the Iranian revolution.
For years he has delved into the rich tradition of ancient Iranian literature and has worked with many great voices of Iranian singers to create enduring works across genres.
Faced with restrictions on releasing his work in Iran and the inflammation of international sanctions against Iran, he has now decided to release his album Roots internationally. In this work he refers to the principles and "roots" of Iranian music and presents different, colored directions of an international view of Iranian music.
Perhaps the most notable aspect of this album is that it was recorded with local Iranian musicians in Iran itself, while the mix and mastering took place in Germany. It can be expected that Alireza will enrich the international music community in a colorful and diverse way in the future.

01 Looking for Me
02 Snowy Day
03 Memories of You
04 Departure
05 The Smell of Rain
06 War Children
07 Youth
08 Persian Sound