Alma Cojo - Hallo Welt! (CD) (5871816245401)

Alma Cojo - Hello World! (CD)


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It is more than "just" a musical tribute to their hometown of Hamburg. With their first long player "Hallo Welt!" Alma Cojo finally bring their incredible stage presence into the living room.
The eight-strong combo effortlessly and confidently manages to turn a gloomy, rainy autumn day into a sunny summer evening. Absolute feel-good music, the depth of which doesn't remain hidden. So "Let's go dancing" and sing about our "home port".

01 Hello world
02 Here and now
03 dance
04 I think back
05 For two
06 Welcome to the Hanseatic League
07 We only live once
08 only you
09 dance (calm)
10 family
11 My way
12 Almost in love
13 home port
14 thanks